What do we do first?

Following this short introduction, you will find a "Proposal For Change". Print it, discuss it, work on it, and then allow Skateghost to share your work with the rest of the interested countrywide membership.

The most logical place to start when change is desired is with the controlling entity. In our case, that is "our" Board of Directors. We have a long way to go to reverse the mistakes of the past thirty plus years, and each successful long journey begins with a single step.

The USARS Board is in essence the "Governing Body" of competitive roller sports in this Country. They decide which way this sport moves. Now is the time for US to decide who serves on this most important board. In recent years, the United States Olympic Committee forced roller sports to end the process by which members of the Board were "appointed" by what was a self-perpetuating Board!

Implementation of an election procedure was forced, but the election process set up by USARS needs revision. How many of you out there know that you can elect a board member, and exactly how that is done?

Well, here is a plan that was submitted by one of our visitors that will accomplish all of the following:

We don't want anyone to misunderstand that there are some very dedicated, knowledgeable and sincere individuals currently serving on the Board. In an open, re-organized Board as outlined below, many of these people could be re-elected to remain on this body, with everyone's thanks. Some perhaps would not. But it is time to bring this process back to the people it directly effects, the Operators, Skaters, Coaches, Officials, and Families who have made and are making such an investment in time, effort and money.

Remember the phrase, "We the people"? Well, in this sport, WE are the people, and it is time for the people to make their voices heard and to ACT. I hconsider this most carefully

PLEASE NOTE: The "Original" composition of the "Proposal For Change" has prompted several visitors to write in with questions on specific points or to make comments on specific aspects of the proposal. The Author of the plan who chose the nickname "Ghostette" had requested that any questions and/or comments be forwarded to him/her in the blind, which I did. If you've read and understood the original document but have not yet read the answers, updates and clarifications click on the second link to go directly to those clarifications. If this is your first time viewing the plan PLEASE read the entire proposal.


The following was submitted for your consideration:

The "Original" Proposal For Change

To View The Clarifications

The "Alternate Plan "

An Editorial From The Ghost