Here’s what happened in August of 2009

USARS for decades has promoted the falsehood that Olympic Inclusion for Roller Skating was "Just around the corner". As a child I bought into this fallacy just like everyone else. But that time has passed long ago. Nevertheless, there are many out there who are still drinking the kool-aid, and drinking it by the gallon.

In August of 2009 in Berlin, Germany, The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee considered 7 sports for inclusion into the Olympic Summer Games. Those sports in alphabetic order were Baseball, Golf, Karate, Roller Sports, Rugby, Softball and Squash.

Each of the appropriate International Federations had an opportunity to submit a formal proposal to the IOC for consideration. There were clearly defined criteria that each International Federation was required to meet. Proposals were submitted and evaluated by an IOC committee and then voted on in August of 2009. But, you never saw the proposal made by FIRS (Our International Federation). If you would like to read the full proposal, I'm going to provide you with a link to do it. I think you deserve to see them. So, I'm going to show them to you.

The following steps will take you through the process of finding this important information. They don't make it easy to find. I have put the links at the end of this presentation if you want to go directly to the PDF files. But since there are those who would claim that I created this data I thought it best to show you how to find it for yourself.

Follow these steps to find it for yourself

1.) Using your browser go to the International Olympic Committee’s website at

2.) When the main page comes up there will be a menu bar on the third line down with the following options: Home – YOG – Sports – Athletes – Countries – Olympism – Media Player – The IOC – News

3.) Click on “The IOC”

4.) On the right hand side of the page, look for “The Organisation” in blue “The IOC” menu box and click on it.

5.) “The Organisation” page will appear with a photo of a the Bejing Olympic Stadium.

6.) Look for a menu box on the right hand side of the screen entitled “Olympic Movement Directory”.

7.) In the “Olympic Movement Directory” menu box click on “Commissions”. This will open a drop down menu. In the drop down menu look for and click on “Olympic Programme”.

8.) The “Olympic Programme Commission” page will appear, with a photo of a snow boarder.

9.) Scroll down near the bottom of the page, and under a menu box labeled “Olympic News” you will see the following option; “IOC Executive Board proposes two additional sports for the 2016 games: Golf and Rugby”

10.) A new page will appear entitled “NEWS”.

11.) This News release dated 13 August 2009 will give you the key factors why the IOC choose Golf and Rugby as the two new Olympic Sports.

NOTE: YES I do know how to spell “Organization”. But it would seem that the IOC likes it this way.

If you scroll down a bit further you will find the links to two PDF Files that you can view for yourself…

The first file labeled “Election Results” will show you how many votes each of the seven sports received in each and every round of voting. There were 14 valid votes cast, 8 required for a majority. Rugby was approved on the second ballot, while Golf received approval in round four. Roller Sports did NOT receive a single ballot in round one, NOT ONE.

It’s all there for you to see for yourselves. I didn’t make it up, and more important, this is your first chance to see it with your owb eyes.

And now for the second PDF Link. entitled “Detailed Report On The Seven Short-Listed International Federations”.

This file is the official IOC report dated August 2009 which shows detailed outlines of each International Sports Federations proposals for Olympic inclusion. The beginning of the report outlines the “Methodology” of the selection process which includes background, evaluation criteria, data collection, report preparation and report format.

The FIRS Proposal starts on page 75 and continues through page 93. You will note that the only discipline that FIRS proposed was Speed. Artistic and Hockey were NOT on their agenda.

So, there it is for all of you to see for yourselves. Is there anyone out there still holding their breath? Well, you shouldn’t be. Instead you should be pounding the daylights out of the USARS Board of Directors to do something productive for a change and take the proper steps to try to save what’s left of this sport in America. But past performance and history certainly isn’t on our side.


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